Mar 27, 2020

Byte Is About To Pay $250K To Creators For Videos

Byte, the well-known spiritual successor to popular and short-form video sharing app Vine, that was the starting point for many major content creators these days, has announced that they will soon start paying some select creators on the platform.

In the upcoming weeks, Byte revealed that it will start contacting some of its members, varying in popularity to join the first incarnation of its Partner Program. The initial group of content partners will include up to 100 users which will gain a number of exclusive feature. What could be better? Well, Byte also revealed that there'll be a $250,000USD pool for payments for the 100 partners. It’s not entirely clear how that’ll be split between the participants, but at least some stand to make thousands of dollars at the very least.

Every 120 days, Byte has said that they will establish a group of funds that it will be divided between participating creators. Participants chosen will go up a "Viewership Bracket" ladder to determine which creator is reaching the highest views, shares, etc, and going up a bracket means earning more money for the individual. Everyone in a particular bracket earns the same amount and will be paid every 30 days. The program will kick off officially on April 15th, and up to 100 participants will be sharing the first cash pool ($250,000USD). Unfortunately, at this time Byte has stated that the option will only be available to creators based in the US are eligible at the moment, though Byte says it's working on a way to open the program to people outside the country, which will no doubt intrigue members from other popular countries on the platform.

All US users are eligible, whether they've used the app from the beginning or they've just joined, though Byte is particularly looking into expanding the program to other users elsewhere, globally. It plans to start a new funding pool every 120 days, and it'll pay partners once every 30 days or so over the four months they're part of the program, starting April 15.

According to Byte, the content creation website is specifically looking for people who "who capture the variety and uniqueness of Byte," though there are a few caveats.

They also stated, "We’re looking for the content that best on Byte, which means fullscreen without letterboxes," it said. Applicants should be active users (i.e. regularly posting videos and engaging with others in positive ways) and post original videos which show off their unique voice.

Naturally, the company is looking for people who are active on the app and post regularly, to fully utilise their audience, and of course, the money paid for creation..

The amount creators will be paid will of course depend largely on how many views their video attracts, but according to Byte, they stated that it would pay out regularly and be worth the time and resources put into it.

At the start of the programme launch, creators have to be based in the US, but the TikTok competitor is looking to expand into other territories soon.

“We want byte to be a home for emerging creators across a range of genres, styles, and communities. We’ll be building out the Partner Program with creators who capture the variety and uniqueness of byte. The start of each Partner Pool will be a fresh opportunity for new voices to be recognised,” the company wrote in a blog post.

Byte has also gone to the effort to publish some guidelines on what it is looking for from creators via its official website. Byte has included that creators must have videos that are original in content and showcase the unique viewpoint of each individual creator. They also must be regularly participating in the community and interacting with members of the site.

As of right now, the app has promised its creators to put 100% of its ad revenues into its partner programme.