Mar 26, 2019

How To: Create A Successful YouTube Channel

Did you know there are 1.9 billion active monthly YouTube users? If you’re looking to start a channel (and you should), here are the must-do steps...

  • Creating a YouTube Channel is easy, but maintaining and ensuring your channel is exactly what your audience wants is harder, and is crucial in creating a successful channel. 
  • This article outlines 5 key elements you should focus on when creating your channel.

Plan your content.

  • Subscribers will be most responsive to a channel that is consistent. So, whether you upload daily, weekly, or monthly, you have to set yourself a realistic and achievable plan.

  • Plan a content calendar and create a timeline of everything you need to do to get the video from pre-production to live on YouTube and make sure you stick with it, as we said before, consistency is key.

Every Second Counts.

  • Make use of YouTube’s own analytics to determine when people click off your videos. This will give you invaluable insight in order to plan your content more efficiently for the future - the key thing is providing your audience with exactly what they want.

  • Just because you film three hours of content, it does not mean all of it has to see the light of day. Be selective regarding the clips you publish to YouTube and make sure each second has meaning, you cannot afford to lose your audience’s engagement.

It is all in the details.

  • Outside of your video content, the best way to engage an audience is to pay attention to the small things. By this, we mean the title, tags, and thumbnail. Quite often, your video will be found by users in the ‘recommended’ column next to the main video they are watching.

  • This means that your thumbnail takes centre stage and will make the difference between someone being tempted to click on your video or not, so make sure it’s a good one.

  • A top tip is not to just select a frame from the video - as these can often be out of focus - but to actually take an epic shot, which you can edit to make brighter and bolder, and upload separately. This photo will showcase your video, it’s not worth cutting corners here.


Easy Optimising.

  • It is not necessary for you to be an SEO master to get your YouTube up to speed. YouTube gives you easy tagging options for you to embed keywords about the video and business to best place your video in search.

  • The YouTube feed places priority on quality over views. If a video has 1 million views but only a 10 second watch time, it will appear below a video with 10K views, which has a 5 minute watch time.

  • The best thing about spending time on optimising your content is that YouTube is a Google-owned company so it will likely be highly ranked on Google if optimised correctly.

User Engagement.

  • Not only will the right optimisation set you high up in the ranks in the YouTube and Google feed, but the way in which the user engages in your post will also have an effect.

  • In your video, encourage the user to like, subscribe, and comment. If you make sure you have clear and clickable signposts at the end of your video, it will make a super easy experience for your users.