Dec 20, 2019

CLICKON's Top 4 Articles of the Year

To stay one step ahead, we are committed to monitoring trends in the industry so we continue creating, producing and publishing great content.

  • Now, we look back at the articles our readers engaged with most so we continue to give our readers want they want in 2020.

Campaigns that Changed and Ignited Conversation

Social media has planted the seed for a new business-consumer relationship to flourish. Now that consumers have the power to respond to campaigns and voice their opinions, the smarter brands will listen and respond accordingly in a transparent manner so that the right messages are being promoted to influential generations.

There is no doubt that social media will continue to play a hugely influential role in the lives of younger generations in 2020 therefore, brands should not take this responsibility lightly. Brands must continue to focus on adapting and strengthening their conversation to promote the best possible message to their audience. 

For 2019, Renault Clio’s ‘30 Years in the Making’ demonstrated clear progress here. They produced an ad that ignored stereotypes, represented the LGBTQ+ community without discrimination and authentically told a story that mattered.

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Data vs. Creativity - can you have both?

The age-old battle of data vs. creativity has left marketers unsure of how they can reach the right audience, with the right message at the right time. However, our article found that the answer lies in the alignment, not the battle, of data and creativity.

Data is necessary to reach the audience at a time which achieves high engagement and helps to personally tailor the consumer journey, but creativity has the power to ensure this message resonates, moves, and engages that audience.

At CLICKON, we work on fusing workflow technology with production craft through our end-to-end service of creative, production, and distribution all from our agile teams in-house, successfully achieving the ideal data and creative alignment.

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3 Brands using Long-Form correctly

2020 hopefully brings an end to the assumption that millennials and gen z have an attention span confined to just eight seconds. This year, long-form content has proven to engage and resonate with audiences while generating key consumer loyalty for brands.

At CLICKON, great storytelling is at the heart of all our content as we believe it is key in increasing awareness, maximising relevance, and most importantly building real connections.

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What Metrics will replace ‘Likes’ on Instagram?

When social media giants Facebook and Instagram first came to the scene, ‘likes’ were considered the most recognisable element of social acceptance and to this day, they begrudgingly still are held in far too high regard.

The move to hide the ‘likes’ count from all users apart from the creator has been tested in certain countries across the two platforms and as a result, has left brands, creators, and influencers alike all questioning their social strategy.

Is the new currency to replace ‘likes’ measuring ‘attention’ instead, and will this encourage focus back to creating genuine connections with fellow users once more? Only time will tell, but 2020 brings brands the perfect opportunity to reassess the metrics they value.

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