Dec 20, 2019

CLICKON - Our year summed up

This year alone we have reduced client production costs by 28% and increased the speed of delivery by over 50%. Together, our in-house teams are working to deploy groundbreaking content for the world’s top agencies and brands and 2020 will be no different.

  • We now look back on our five, favourite campaigns of the year and what they each meant for the team behind the film.

Eurotunnel, Ham and Jam

To commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landings, alongside Eurotunnel Le Shuttle’s 25th Anniversary, ‘Ham and Jam’ was commissioned to tell the story of an unsung hero. Wally Parr was a twenty-two year-old soldier whose actions helped change the course of history after his glider crash-landed into Benouville, Normandy.

The film follows Wally’s son Barry as he journeys back to Benouville with his grandson Jack, to walk in Wally’s footsteps and learn the true extent of his involvement on this momentous day.

“This year saw the start of our partnership with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle. After a hugely successful start with Ham & Jam; a story celebrating a hero of D-Day on the 75th Anniversary of the invasion, we moved onto filming a very exciting piece set just South of Paris, which releases next year. We are hugely excited to continue our relationship with Eurotunnel Le Shuttle in 2020.” Alex Reay-Glover, Account Lead at CLICKON London

98% Positive Sentiment
37% Increase in brand consideration

General Tire, The Moment

When one door closes, another one opens. After a premature end to his rugby career, Hamish Frost embarked on a different path and General Tire wanted to see what now drives his passion forward as an adventure sports photographer. ‘The Moment’ tells his story, from a varsity rugby player to a surprising career in photography amid the beautiful Highlands of Scotland, Hamish dared to act on a moment and change the course of his life.

For a photographer as dedicated as Hamish Frost, anywhere is possible.

“Working with GT is always a pleasure as they allow us huge freedom in terms of direction and narratives. It is also always challenging and exciting as our subjects are often practising some intense or dangerous outdoors activities which require us to ensure we get the shots we need as quickly as possible, as we depend a lot on safety and unpredictable weather conditions.” Bruno Bolla, Director at CLICKON London

Mahindra and Formula E, Clockwork

In partnership with Mahindra Racing and co-produced with Formula E, our studio team shut down New York City and turned around an international shoot in just two weeks!

Featuring Jesse Danger, otherwise known as the parkour ‘Daredevil of New York’ challenging Jerome D’Ambrosio, Formula E racing driver, as they storm the streets of Manhattan in the man vs. machine race of the year.

“Shutting down Manhattan was one of the best and worst experiences of my life. The sweltering New York humidity was the least of our concerns when angry New Yorkers are beeping their horns as we set up our shots with the NYPD. A truly unforgettable experience with the Mahindra Racing team that left us with one of those, “WE JUST DID THAT!” feeling at the end of filming.” Ed Angeli, Producer at CLICKON London

Over 30+ pieces of content
Over 12 million views on YouTube

Special Olympics, The Moment Series

In 2019, CLICKON partnered with Special Olympics Unified Champion Schools to create The Moment Series, a collection of short documentaries that explore the way social inclusion has changed the lives of people across the United States. In each and every story, our team found people who had overcome adversity by finding an inclusive community that accepted them, regardless of their disabilities or where they came from, which in turn deepened their capacity for empathy. 

What most struck our team was the warmth and welcoming spirit with which we were received in homes from Tacoma, Washington to Lafayette, Louisiana, a testament to the kindness that the Inclusion Revolution, spearheaded by Special Olympics, inspires in the hearts of students, parents, and teachers around the world. We are honoured to be a part of this movement through our work on the Moment Series and the many other exciting projects we are producing with Special Olympics.

21,424 engagements

Americas Navy, Faces of the Fleet Season II

When most people think of the Navy, they see ships, jets and advanced technology. They rarely see people, the ones who know the real meaning of Navy life.

By shifting the focus from technology to real and raw stories of our men and women in uniform - inside their real environments- we invite the viewer into an intimate and personal connection with our sailors every month. After watching, our audience will gain an understanding of what life is truly like inside America’s Navy. These captivating stories also serve as a teaching tool, boosting the Navy’s recruiting capabilities.

The overarching theme is Forged by the Sea. Faces of the Fleet is an intimate, first-person look into the lives of sailors and how exploring and protecting the world - in only the way the Navy can - forged them into the pillars of the communities they live in today.

“‘Faces of the Fleet’ has been an incredibly inspiring experience for the team here at CLICKON. We get to witness firsthand the speed of an F18, the technical improvisational skills of an EOD tech, and the brute strength of a Navy Seal.  Where the real substance lies though, is when we hear from the sailors firsthand. The Navy has given them a way out, a home, a community, family, friendships, and life-altering opportunities that they couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.” Ian Cumming, Director at CLICKON LA

Key Pillars

Meaningful Adventure: Being in the Navy goes way beyond just having a steady job, or traveling the world. It’s about discovering who you are - who you want to be - while discovering the countless cultures across our planet.

Creative Innovation: In the Navy, innovation doesn’t just refer to a Sailor’s access to the latest tech, machinery, and gadgets; it’s more about how each individual is given the creative ability to approach solving some of the world’s toughest issues.

Strength: The Navy does strength like no other. It represents the strength of body and mind, coming together as a strong, united sea force. But, it is the strength Sailors come away with, on an individual level, that matters the most.

“‘Faces of the Fleet’ has been a real eye opener for our storytelling. When you think of the military, you tend to think of untouchable technology, war heroes, and conflict. But our job has really been to expose what is underneath the stereotypes. The people in the military handling $30 million jets, or $1 billion ships are just ordinary people who have the same emotions as the rest of us. They have husbands and wives, kids to look after, internal conflicts to settle, and dreams outside of the military. It’s been a real pleasure being able to shine light on these emotional, human stories for the Navy and help them tap into a new audience, beyond teenagers excited about big weapons. We’ve been able to tell stories that connect with such a diverse range of American life, and seeing the positive feedback on the work has been a joy.

Moving forward, as with any partnership, we really want to stay away from formulaic filmmaking. We want to be able to deliver our clients something fresh, every time, and the only way to do that is continuously put ourselves back into brainstorm sessions and push our creativity. One of the most incredible things about this partnership is that our clients have encouraged that.” Cody Ball, Director at CLICKON New York

49,129 engagements

London Event, Advertising Beyond Ad Blockers

‘Advertising Beyond Ad Blockers’ was the second CLICKON hosted event (see Esports for our first event) where we shared insights into how brands can connect with consumers in a world where they are increasingly opting to use ad blockers and paid subscription sites.

The event featured panellists from Eurotunnel Le Shuttle, Continental and The Drum who shared their insights on our research, alongside their predictions regarding what storytelling in marketing can offer the world of advertising and how it can improve engagement with consumers.

Our current partnerships and our work shown above pay testament to the success of using human stories to build emotional connections with the right audiences. If you would like to learn more, download our insights report here.

Year Round Up by Richard Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of CLICKON

2019 has seen the inevitable consequences of digital disruption continuing to grow. Clients want things faster, with price efficiency at the same quality. Few are ready to meet the challenge - but CLICKON was built for brands looking to move at the speed of the digital economy. 

Whilst creating great, smart, story-driven content that gets noticed will always be our bread and butter - we think this is the new norm. Great content is everywhere.

As we head into 2020 our focus is on speed and execution. Clients need execution-first partners. Teams who can move at the speed of light and get things done without hassle and friction. Our significant investment in technology and in-house production resources across the world will ensure we're a platform for client growth and success. 

2020 is a huge year for us and the industry generally. With an APAC office opening in Q2 2020 and a continually growing team; we're excited for the year and challenges ahead of us. 

Thank you to all of our partners this year. May 2020 be a year of continued growth and success.