Feb 08, 2021

Understanding Sustainability marketing

Environmental and social investments are effective marketing strategies for all types of businesses. Also referred to as green marketing, sustainability marketing is all about building a relationship with the consumers. It showcases how a company values its customers and future generations. Today, we will take a comprehensive look at how to incorporate sustainability into your marketing strategy.

Understanding Sustainability marketing

How many times a year do you take your vehicle for servicing? Almost every car has to go through an oil change during each of those servicing. However, have you ever considered where all that oil goes? Is it dumped into the lake or recycled? With sustainability, a company clearly outlines that all the oil is recycled.

Although sustainability marketing is a developing field, it is a vital marketing strategy that should not be ignored. It is quite clear that sustainability marketing may be the only reason you pick a particular company from available options.

Common Strategies in Sustainability Marketing

1. Consumer-oriented Marketing

A company will market its services and products from its consumer's point of view. A consumer will get to see why a company is a better choice from their perspective. For example, an oil change company may design an advertisement for children playing at the lake.

If the advertisement features a clean and contaminated lake, then the consumers can choose what they want. In such a scenario, the business forces the consumer to look at the situation according to their opinion. You can see that picking that particular oil-changing company is your sustainable choice.

2. Consumer-value Marketing

In this scenario, a business will invest in building customer value. The company will, therefore, research what their customers appreciate and need. They will then design their marketing strategies around those values. For example, a business can decide to stay late or open early to suit the working customers with limited time.

3. Innovative Marketing

A company will market its ability to keep up with constant changes by continually updating its products and services. For starters, Innovative marketing is particularly essential for businesses with consumers that applaud and appreciate new technologies. For example, a dentist could create an app that notifies their clients days before an appointment. The customers can easily view the alert and schedule an appointment.

4. Sense-of-mission marketing

A business could decide to restructure its mission to suit the social environment. For example, a company could market its services as 'Building a clean and sustainable future' rather than focusing on its product or brand. Your best bet is focusing on environmentally friendly practices of the organization during advertisement campaigns.

5. Societal Marketing

With societal marketing, a business identifies a societal problem and markets itself as a viable solution to the problem. It shows that the organization is invested in the long-term interests of the consumer and society. A business might decide to showcase to the public that it is working to build schools, parks, or hospitals for the community.

Why Focus on Sustainability Marketing?

Sustainability marketing is an effective marketing strategy that positions your brand as a proactive figure in societal and environmental issues. You get to humanize your brand and create a reason why consumers should pick you over the competition. Learning the do's and don'ts of sustainability will help you build an effective marketing strategy

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