Apr 16, 2019

How To: Be A Successful Content Creator

All content creators strive to be original, but when you are one of many, getting into good habits to refine and improve your content is crucial.

  • Content creators have the ability to create a connection between brands and audiences, achievable through providing value to your audience. 
  • Value comes in two forms: to educate or entertain. In order to be a successful content creator, you must be able to identify ways to provide your audience with value, but that all starts by adopting these 6 habits.

By definition, the work produced by content creators can take many forms, including blogs, videos, photos, etc. It is their responsibility to produce entertaining or educational material that will target the interests of their key audience; they should form connections with new and existing customers on behalf of the company.

Whether you are part of a wider marketing team or you work solo, write blogs or produce films, adopt these tips and you will be well on your way to being a successful content creator in your industry.

Read news relevant to your industry every day.

Content that resonates with your audience can only be executed effectively if you know what is going on in your industry. Plus, if you know the context inside out, it will become a lot easier to talk about it.

Content creators that are at the top of their game will continuously read about industry news and trends. This allows you to really understand how the news of your industry shapes the mindset of your audience. Apps like Feedly and Newsify allow you to keep all your relevant reading in one place so you never miss a beat.

Don’t limit yourself there, ask your colleagues and research what your audience is reading - this will contribute to staying on top of trends and eventually lead to making your own informed decisions.


Know your audience.

To the dismay of many professional creatives, you are completely at the mercy of your audience, and this can feel like your creative growth has been stunted. However, brands want their audience engaged and buying into their product or service, so this is something that just needs to be accepted and embraced.

To be a truly successful content creator, you need to know your industry inside out, and that includes your audience. You may even find that you discover interests and other creative opportunities that you wouldn’t have found otherwise - use your audience to improve your work, not hinder it.

Find your voice.

Your brand is providing audiences with advice, thought leadership, and observations. But so is every other brand in your industry. Therefore, you need to learn what you can do to make the content you are sharing, that is so similar to other content being shared, stand out and look original.

This can be done simply by adapting the same content for different mediums or sharing it on different social media channels, you do not have to over complicate the process, but just make sure you aren’t churning out copies of what everyone else is doing.

There is only one factor that will be truly unique to each brand, and this is your voice, how you say what everyone else is talking about. Your audience might first come across your content because they are seeking information on something, but the reason they will come back is because of your personality.


Provide your audience with solutions.

An occurring theme in being a successful content creator is providing your audience with value, demographics are being increasingly selective about the advertising they are willing to consume and generally will not engage with brands that do not offer them value.

You can provide your audience with all the correct information, but if you want them to remember it and your brand, you cannot just recite what you know. You need to form a clear connection with your audience, outlining why it should be important to them, and what they can take away from it.

Understand your KPIs.

Publishing your content online does not mean that all the right people will see it, or that it will receive the traffic it deserves. To make sure your content is found by more people, you need to pay close attention to your key performance indicators (KPIs) and revise your content accordingly.

KPIs take the form of a metric you have chosen to measure your content against, for example:

  • Direct traffic - the number of people that go to your website directly from its URL into their address bar.
  • Social media traffic - the number of people that access your content through social media.
  • Submissions - the number of people that leave your website after submitting their contact details, usually in exchange for a resource you offered.
  • Organic traffic - the number of people who come across your content through a search engine.

Question everything.

Curiosity surrounding your brand and the news you read relevant to your industry are crucial, as they will provoke deeper insights, that in turn, will boost the quality of your content.

Head of Marketing at Google, Lorrain Twohill, states

“you need to be curious to identify problems worth solving.”

Again, this links back to providing your audience with value, if you identify the problems worth solving, you can start to solve them for your audience.

Sometimes, taking a contrarian point of view, although difficult at first, will force you to think more critically about the content you provide your audience. Question what made the creator of this blog or producer of this film think this way, and was there something in their industry that triggered this viewpoint?

Brands want to create connections with their audience so that a two-way conversation forms between business and consumer, as each party has a lot to offer and learn from the other. Content creators have an important role in this process, so once you ensure that you are providing value to your audience, you will be well on your way to becoming a successful content creator.